Jewelry Care Tips

All our jewelry is made of real Sterling Silver - 925 stamped or solid Stainless Steel - 316L. Plated with Silver or 18k Yellow Gold. Additionally, we added an extra 18k Gold PVD vacuum plating for our gold pieces and for our silver pieces we added Rhodium PVD vacuum plating. This means the color will last for really long time and it will not fade or tarnish easily.

With proper care your jewelry can last you years. Although our jewels are water resistant we do recommend taking them off before showering and swimming. Chlorine & sea water will react with metals and cause it to loose its color faster. We strongly suggest avoiding harsh chemicals such as lotions, creams, perfumes or body sprays to keep it shiny for longer.

Store your jewelry in cool, dry place in the box or pouch it comes with.

To deep clean your jewelry all you need is soapy water, bowl and soft cloth. Let your piece(s) soak off for few minutes. If your jewelry is really dirty use a soft toothbrush and gently brush over. Use your soft cloth to wipe off the excess water and lay flat to dry.  


TIP: Always wear your jewelry after you've sprayed your perfume. The easiest way to remember is putting your jewels on last when getting dressed.