Ring Size Guide




METHOD 1: If You Don't Have An Existing Ring 

What will you need:

String or piece of paper, Ruler, Pen 

1) Cut a thin piece of paper or string about 100mm long / 10cm. Wrap it around the base of your finger firmly. Make sure the paper / string sits firmly on your finger or the way you want the ring to fit. Which means it should not be too loose and not extremely tight. If you prefer to wear the ring on the top of your finger do the exact same. Please measure the finger which you intend to wear the ring on.

2) Mark the area where the two ends of piece of paper or string meet to get the circumference. 

3) Place the piece of paper or string on the ruler to measure the circumference in millimetres. 

4) Please use the ring size chart above to convert the measurement to the appropriate ring size. 

 If you are in-between sizes we recommend sizing up.

Tip: Measure when your hands are warm. Cold hands tend to be slimmer therefore you will not get accurate reading. 


Diameter (mm) Diameter (inch) Circumference (mm) USA & Canada Europe UK & Australia Italy
15.7 0.62 49.3 5 49 J 9.5
16.5 0.65 51.8 6 52 L 12
17.3 0.68 54.3 7 54.5 N 14.5
18.1 0.71 57.2 8 57 P 17
18.9 0.74 59.4 9 59.5 R 19
19.8 0.78 62.1 10 62.1 T 21.5
20.6 0.81 64.6 11 64.6 V 24
21.4 0.84 67.2 12 67.2 X 26.5



METHOD 2: If You Have An Existing Ring

 What will you need:
        Ruler, Your Own Ring       

Measure the internal diameter of your ring ( in mm ) and use our chart to measure internal diameter against US sizing. make sure you are measuring the inside of your ring not the outside.                   


 PS: If you need further assistance please contact us, we are happy to help!