Necklace Size Guide

necklace size guide 


14 inches | 35 cm. This style of necklace fits very closely around neck  



16 inches | 40 cm. This style of necklace sits just above the collarbone and is considered a common necklace size



17-18 inches | 43-45 cm. Dropping to the position against the collarbone, similar in fit to a choker necklace sitting quite close to the neck with a looser feel. Along with the 16 inch necklace, the 17 - 18 inch is a common necklace length



20 inches | 50 cm. Sits just few inches below the collarbone, laying above the standard neckline

22 inches | 55 cm. This style of necklace sits at or above the top of the bust

24 inches | 60cm. Sits just below the centre of the bust, falling above a low neckline



28-34 inches | 72-86 cm. This style of necklace sits below the bust




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